Wednesday7.00 PM – 9.00 PMBible study to help you grow deeper in the Word. Everyone is welcome.
We are looking for professional trainers!t.b.d.Customer Service Excellence – 3rd Quarter 2015
We are looking for professional trainers!t.b.d.Leadership Training to impact your community for Christ
We are looking for professional trainers!t.b.d.Assertiveness Training to develop your social and communication skills.

VPA’s Church programmes equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully navigate through the evolving life environment. We are dedicated in helping church members and staff to make a difference and be a godly role model in their community. VPA Church London organises different courses during the year, to give church members and staff a basic knowledge of the programmes. The programmes vary from customer service classes to acquiring teaching biblical skills and so forth.

We use a customised programme to help support the current change; perhaps preparing a team for future responsibilities, or as a way to develop our volunteers, or to develop a new way of working. Additionally, we use it to develop our motivated members and volunteers into more rounded leaders, better able to deal with the less-hierarchical expectations of younger generations.

The regular courses consist of one to six weekly sessions of 1 to 2,5 hours each. A final exam might take place after the course on a predetermined date. Course participants are expected to spend few hours a week on self-study.

Our groups are small: the minimum number of participants is 10, the maximum 20.

We are looking for professionals to volunteer!!!