Frequently Asked Questions


Can we place a link on our website for your website?

Alex Omokudu ministries are happy to grant permission to place a link to our website from your website.

Whom may I contact concerning a special copyright request?

Any copyright questions may be submitted through our Contact Form or be mailed to:
Legal Department
Alex Omokudu Ministries
14 – 16 Thames Road,
Barking Essex
IG11 0HN

Donation / Partnership

Can I donate electronically from my checking account or credit card?

Yes. Partners may set up their account to have automatic withdrawal from a checking account or credit card, or they may call or mail in their donation each week.

How can I become a Ministry Partner?

Thank you for choosing to partner with Alex Omokudu ministries. Ministry partners are those who have dedicated themselves to giving financially on a monthly basis. You may send in a check, mail or call in a credit card payment, or we can automatically withdraw the amount from a credit card or checking account each week.
We appreciate all those who partner with us in the work of the Gospel. We love you and pray for you on a daily basis. Thank you for your prayers and for investing your precious seed into the ministries. Lord Jesus Christ will honor you as you have partnered with this ministry.
You can partner with us by donating on a ‘’monthly basis’’. Then you ‘’select the day of the month you would like your donation to be received.’’
Your monthly donation goes toward supporting our ministries, stretching a hand to people in difficulties, feeding and sheltering the needier. With your generous support, we are able to reach out and save lives through our weekly television broadcast, conferences and online resources. We thank Jesus for your live.
To become a Ministry Partner or for more information, please call our hope line desk or visit our Give page on the website.

How can I make a donation to the ministry?

Donations to the ministry may be made online, by mail, or by calling our hope line desk. Only credit card donations can be taken over the phone. For a weekly direct debit, you may first fill-in an authorization form. For more information, please visit our Give page.


How can I be sure that I purchase a valid ticket?

For your protection we encourage you to purchase tickets only from the venue Box Office and / or the authorized ticketing company. That is the only way a consumer can be assured that they are buying an authentic, valid ticket.

Will there be special seating reserved with wheelchair access or the hearing impaired and their families/friends?

When you purchase your tickets for the event online or at the venue box office, be sure to purchase the appropriate ticket for your needs.

Do you have childcare at your events?

Few weeks before the event takes place, the childcare facilities, if any, will be announced.

How can I volunteer at an event?

We are happy to have you as a volunteer for our events. If you would like to know in which area you could volunteer, check our Volunteer page and contact us through the form online. One of our representative will be happy to contact you back.


How can I be removed from your mailing list?

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please contact our hope line desk via or change your settings through your account settings.

I am receiving duplicate mailings.

To stop duplicate mailings, please contact our hope line desk via .

How can I submit a change of address?

You may change your address by sending an email or by signing in to your account and update your primary address in your account information.

What do you mean by deliverance?

The deliverance programme is all about prayers that involve fasting. The deliverance prayer itself is a confessional prayer for total deliverance, done in a corporate manner on a daily basis.
Check Meet Pastor Alex Omokudu page to see all the necessary information about the deliverance programme.

How do I become a Christian?

For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Believe in your heart and say the following prayer with your mouth: Dear Lord Jesus, come into my life now! Come into my heart now. I believe in my heart, therefore, I say with my mouth that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior. And I am, right now, born again.
If you just prayed the prayer above you are now born again. Nothing spectacular may have happen to you as you prayed and you may not feel any different from the way you felt two minutes before you prayed. But make no mistake, you are saved. Don’t let anyone or even yourself convince you otherwise. When you leave this life, heaven will be your home.
Please check Salvation page for more insight on how to become a Christian.

When will Alex Omokudu be in my area?

Please check the Events page to see where he will be in the upcoming months.

When can I meet Alex Omokudu personally?

As a new member of the church you can meet Alex Omokudu every Monday starting from 11am. Please check Meet Pastor Alex Omokudu page to see where and how this meeting is organized.

I have a question for Alex Omokudu. Can I email it?

While Alex Omokudu is not available via email, we do welcome letters directed to our office. We receive many letters every day, and we would encourage you to put any thoughts you have to him through the postal system.
Our address is:

Alex Omokudu Ministries
14 – 16 Thames Road,
Barking Essex
IG11 0HN

Internet Help

None of these responses have correctly answered my question or solved my problem.

Please email with as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing, including your operating system and web browser version.

The video I was viewing on the website stopped playing before it was completely finished.

The audio and video streams usually take a few minutes to completely finish loading or “buffer.” If the video never seems to play completely or smoothly, please check your internet connection’s speed. Though our video streams will work on slower connections given the time, a high-speed internet connection is recommended.

I tried to subscribe to your podcast. However it directs me to the iTunes store, and I do not use iTunes. Is there any way to access the .xml file for your podcast without going through iTunes?

We do make our XML podcast feeds available. Once logged in to your account you can visit our Podcast page to receive the XML RSS feeds.

My Adobe flash player appears to be working. However, I cannot see your flash version. Any suggestions?

Download and run Adobe’s latest flash player:


I just received my package, but it is either missing something or it isn’t what I ordered.

Check the packing slip that came with your package to make sure the information is correct and that nothing is on backorder. If something is missing or a product came that wasn’t ordered, please email our hope line desk, and we will look into the problem.

Can I receive a bulk discount?

Due to the array of resources we carry, we are unable to offer bulk discounts across the board. However, we do consider bulk discounts upon request. If you would like us to consider a bulk discount, please call our hope line desk.

Can I cancel the Internet order I just placed?

Internet orders are usually processed the same business day depending on the time the order was placed. If the order has not yet been shipped, we can cancel the order. Please call or email our hope line desk to cancel the order at .

Can I make a change to my Internet order?

Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to Internet orders once they are submitted.

How can I find out my Order Status?

Sign in to your account and visit your account info section. You can look up order history and status there, or contact our hope line desk; one of our representatives will be happy to help you determine your order status.

Can I send in a check instead of using a credit card?

To order by check you can either call one of our ministry representatives, or feel free to order any resources via mail at . Simply list the items you would like to purchase and include as much description of the product as possible (i.e.: 7 laws for activating your miracle by Alex Omokudu) and send it in along with a check including the shipping and handling. Our mailing address is:
Alex Omokudu Ministries
14 – 16 Thames Road,
Barking Essex
IG11 0HN

Television Broadcasts

Do you broadcast in my area?

Our broadcast is available worldwide. We have a listing available on the broadcast section of our site where you will be able to find where we broadcast in your area.

Can I order the message that is on television this week?

The messages aired on our television broadcasts are available at all times. You may order the message by either calling our hope line desk.