VPA Luton

Welcome to VPA Luton
We have a variety of services to cater for our diverse congregation, but in each we stress the importance of an honest fellowship with God and a transparent approach to our relationship with others.
Our Location
Whitebread House, Opposite CCJ Court Park
West Street
Luton. LU1 3BG

Here is the list of our service times

First Service Time:10am – 12pm
Evening Service Time:4pm -6pm

Enough is Enough Prayer Meeting
Time: 7am- 8am

Pastoral Counselling
Mondays 11am

Deliverance Service
The deliverance service holds daily at 7pm to 9pm

Night Vigils
Night of Wonders First Friday of every Month at 11pm – 5am
Night of Freedom Last Friday of every Month at 11pm – 5am
We’ll be glad to welcome you to any of our services and please be rest assured that God will meet you at the point of your needs.