Welcome to the Brothers in Unity men’s ministry!

The Brothers in Unity (BU) is headed by Pastor Alex Omokudu, patron extraordinaire and Minister Emmanuel Alo, chairman.

Our vision
Raise men who would grow into a holy and righteous army of God; and build their own homes into a strong family in order to mentor upcoming generations of men.

Our mission
Increase the VPA ministries’ influence through the empowerment of its men, their families and their overall contribution to the spiritual, economic and social welfare of the entire community.
Belief: The ministry believes that the holy and righteous man is a wholesome entity that can go on to reproduce so that others can readily see the beauty of God’s work in him. The holy and righteous man is an effective instrument in the hands of the almighty God, JEHOVAH, for strengthening his kingdom.

The ministry believes that a holy and righteous man, or woman, achieves God’s plan and purpose on earth. This good example is displayed by the present crop of members for all to see; and the next generation can be empowered to aspire to greater heights. With great emphasis on mentoring the youth, we believe they can become what “The creator” intended them to be.

Our aim

  • Create an avenue to reach out to men in and outside VPA, equipping them with the right tools to live a victorious life in their calling and in turn go on to mentor others.
  • Help promote the relevance of the church to the lives of members and the community at large and lifting the hand of the man of God, and the men in church, in every way possible, socio-economically and spiritually

Why join the Brothers in Unity?
You learn to grow into the wholesome man God made us to be, in a process called “learning to become who God says we are” and truly becoming who we are in Christ and God almighty.

A strong support system is in place to assist members in need e.g. employment, business initiatives and health among others. Men learn to be their brothers’ keeper – reachingout to other men and in so doing families are empowered.

You can mail us at hopeline@vpachurch.org