2017 – Our Year of Supernatural Achievement
A Message for You

I am very happy to welcome you to VPA Church. God consecrated 2017 as our year of Supernatural Achievements. The Bible tells us in Psalms 67:7 that: ‘God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.’. How did I get to the level I am at today? How did I make it among the most powerful Men of GOD? When GOD is involved in your matter, He will lift you higher, above your equals. I am a living example of Supernatural Achievements!

One of the signs of the presence of God with a man is supernatural achievements from a position of afflictions, poverty, sickness, all form of barrenness, shame and reproach, lack and want, etc, to a level where no man can pull you down.

Supernatural Laughter is a mystery of the kingdom – Mark 4:11. Every man who identifies himself with GOD, GOD identifies supernatural Laughter with him. Supernatural Laughter is when GOD steps into your case and lifts you by Himself – Genesis 13:14:15. To be lifted is to move forward; to rise higher, to be lifted above a level in life. To be lifted is to move higher; to go upward – Job 22:29. To be lifted is for your level to change and to be promoted. However, for GOD to supernaturally lift you, He needs your cooperation! If you live a holy and righteous life, you will not miss your breakthrough.

This year, as you live a righteous life in the presence of GOD, uncommon lifting shall begin to manifest in your life, in JESUS’ name. The Word of next level of your promotion to the matters of Kingdom greatness and lifting is coming to you in JESUS’ name. This year your destiny will not be cut short, you will achieve divine purpose, you will do exploits. I pray that this year, the foundation of your life will receive the Blood of JESUS and your blessings will not be prematurely aborted, in JESUS mighty name, Amen.

Your time have come! General Overseer of VPA Worldwide.
Pastor Alex Omokudu