Pastor Alex Omokudu

Pastor Alex Omokudu is an inspirational charismatic firebrand Leader, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Faith healer, Father, Disciplinarian and Humanitarian. He is the founder of Victorious Pentecostal Assembly (VPA), the fastest growing church in the United Kingdom, based in the heart of Barking and Dagenham Borough. The church holds a 5,000 congregation on a Sunday service.

A man of GOD, many people call him “Daddy” due to his compassionate nature, his spiritual fatherhood, humility, care, calling and service to the people of GOD. He is reproducing spiritual children who have a passionate and intimate relationship with God the Father. This is demonstrated in VPA Barking and in all the branches. He is a man with a vision to set the captives free from every shackles of the enemy through deliverance by the Word of GOD and with the help of the Holy Spirit. His deliverance programme and teaching on holiness and righteousness releases the people of GOD to receive testimonies and attain their destiny in life.

Pastor Alex is a man of GOD who has given all to serve GOD diligently with all his heart. He is known to be a firm believer of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, propagating the importance of righteous and holy living for all Christians around the world. He is the author of best-selling books including; Prayer Bomb, Say what you want by faith, 7 Laws for Activating your Miracles, The Power of Deliverance, etc. He is also the CEO of “Believe TV”, the world’s most-watched Christian TV on Sky Channel 592 in The UK. Believe TV is a Christian channel touching many lives through its broadcast of what GOD’s is doing via the mind blowing testimonies being showcased, giving hope to all that GOD is alive and a miracle worker.

The Journey Began…

Pastor Alex Omokudu was born over 50 years ago into a polygamous family, from Auchi local government area of Edo State, Nigeria. He was born dumb with great difficulty speaking (stammering). He experienced neglect and rejection growing up because he was regarded as abnormal with behavioral problems; he struggled through to adulthood! He experienced great difficulties through school and was always the target of his teachers, all of whom did not fully understand his condition and how to help him. They thought he was headstrong and labeled him an “impossible pupil to educate”. His classmates did not make things any easy for him; they constantly made jest of him. Due to his disability, he was quick to temper and lashed out at them, which always led him to being thrown out of class. After lashing out at his classmates, during lunch, he would buy them snacks and defend the weak from bullies, a trait he has carried with him through the years and that is still manifesting in the way he cares for people and feels their pains when they are passing through difficulties.

Pastor Alex was a force to reckon with, but even through the mayhem he was causing, people could see he was kind-hearted. His life was is a typical example of one who had no hope, no education, a pauper, once in police cell, homeless and severely afflicted. But an encounter with GOD turned around his situation for the better. The Lord in His infinite mercy and compassion came to his rescue and delivered him from the claws of the enemy. He had no idea that the Lord was preparing him for a great commission ahead.

The Calling…

Pastor Alex Omokudu was uniquely called into the ministry and was given a great commission by GOD to raise people of purpose, vision and integrity. His evangelistic journey started in 1999 on a bus when GOD told him to open his mouth and preach. He ignored the voice but the voice became never-ending. GOD did not give him time to rehearse. When he opened his mouth, he found himself saying: ”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16” without stammering. On that bus, he gave prophetic words to two people: a passenger who was going for an entry visa to the UK and another one who was going for an operation in the General Hospital in Lagos. Following on the bus evangelism, his pastoral journey continued in a small house fellowship in Lagos, where he preached, healed the sick and touched many lives. The testimonies out of this small fellowship brought him fame and recognition.

The foundation of VPA is built upon the Word of GOD given to Pastor Alex in 1999. He had many encounters with GOD which cannot be written in one volume but in many books, but one experience never to be forgotten occurred one night. He was sleeping and suddenly he felt someone tap his shoulder while whispering in his ears “to get up and read Isaiah 61:1-3”. He ignored the voice twice as he was enjoying his dreams. In his dreams, he experienced an unexplainable encounter with GOD and was given a vision. He saw a big green field full of sick sheep. He had compassion for the sheep and every time he tendered to a sheep, it became whole! By the end of his dream, the green field was full of healthy sheep! In the same vision, GOD showed him a green plane he would use to go around the world to preach the Gospel of JESUS. On the plane it was written “Victorious Pentecostal Assembly”. The third time he challenged GOD by refusing to wake up, he received two harsh slaps on his face that jolted him out of his sleep. He looked left and right but saw that no one was with him. Then, he realized that it was the Holy Spirit who slapped him. Consequently, he finally opened the Bible. That very night, he acknowledged the vision and witnessed the birth of VPA. The land of green pasture! The land of “open heaven”! The vision and mission of VPA is written in Isaiah 63:1-3. Verse 1 summarizes the vision, as follows: The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.

He continued to serve GOD under the leadership of Men of GOD in Nigeria but he was always pushed to the back seat. No one believed that he was truly called by GOD. He never gave up but continued to work in His Vineyard with humility, until not long after its inception, that in October 2002, GOD made it possible for him to come to England to launch VPA. With men this is impossible, but with GOD all things are possible – Matthew 19:26. And for the past couple of years, VPA has been expanding to a level that it now holds over 5,000 members at Sunday service. VPA is growing really fast and, the ministry continues to reach out to all globally. A man whose main aim is to serve GOD and inspire people, and whose greatest achievement is “affecting lives” definitely has a good vision for humanity. Pastor Alex preaches the truth and delivers people from their affliction through the help of the Holy Spirit. He is blessed with an uncommon anointing for healing, miracles, extraordinary breakthroughs and deliverance. Strange and unexplainable, net breaking testimonies follow during and after effective attendance to the deliverance programme, and harkening to the preaching by the Man of GOD. These clearly demonstrate the presence of GOD, and His signs and wonders in VPA.

In his humbleness, Pastor Alex believes that nothing qualified him to be a Pastor but GOD made it possible. To him, if the story of the transformation of “Alex Omokudu” is not a surprise from GOD, he does not know what it is! Today, he has become an amusement to the world against all odds; he can now speak properly and continues to be taught by the Holy Spirit. GOD has advertised him to the world and made him a reference point. If GOD can call him and change his life, there is hope for all mankind no matter the situation. Just believe and your life will never be the same; an encounter with the GOD of Pastor Alex is bound to change your life forever. Be inspired. Discover GOD and rediscover your destiny in life! Don’t Give Up.

Impacting lives…

Pastor Alex Omokudu is a philanthropist; he is impacting many lives through his teachings, impartations and ministrations to the Glory of GOD Almighty. Beyond the rhetoric, he demonstrates love in practical ways. He goes to any length to attend to the needs of those who seek his spiritual help. On Mondays, he counsels people individually, giving them spiritual directions on how to overcome the challenges of life.

His demonstration of love is not just spiritual, it is also physical. He feeds those who come from distant places on Monday evening ahead of the Tuesday’s early morning service. He intervenes financially when members are distressed and sponsors a few of them to school. He has sponsored numerous low cost marriage ceremonies so that couples that could not afford to get married but want to be married can have a holy union. Those in difficulties are helped, regardless of the cost. Total strangers he meets on the streets or those that walk up to him in shopping centre have received financial assistance. He is of the opinion that: “my wealth belongs to the people, whatever I have I give out. People are suffering and need help.” He is a father figure for the youth using his calling to turn the lives of gang members, criminals, drug users and dealers around.