We all have a unique talent, whatever it may be; everyone in the church has the opportunity to serve and to live their calling more faithfully. We are called to participate in the outreaching ministry of Jesus Christ. Putting our faith and our love into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling. We thank you and pray for you as you are making the decision to volunteer in one of the departments.
Everyone can be great because everyone can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t even have to make your subject and your verb agree… You only need a heart full of grace…a soul generated by love. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Steps if you wish to volunteer in one of our programs:
1. Contact us to learn about the volunteer opportunities
2. Prepare yourself for service through prayer and training
3. Determine if you are going to lead or join a volunteer team
4. Locate which volunteer opportunity best suits you or which team best suits your skills
5. Serve cheerfully during your time as a volunteer
6. Share your experience and testimonies with us
7. Support the ministries by giving and encouraging others to do the same as you testify about your experience
8. Live a life of wonders and experience strange miracles, as you and your family shall reap what you sown.

Primary Area of Interest

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Secondary Area of Interest

  • Children Department

    0001 Registration SUN 1 /SUN2 /WED /THU /FRI
    0002 Security SUN 1 /SUN2 /WED /THU /FRI
    0003 Administrative Assistant Open hours
    0004 Teacher – Kids Needs Open hours
    0005 Elementary Teacher Open hours
  • Deacon’s Ministries

    0006 Team Leader Open hours
    0007 Prayer Partners SUN – SAT throughout the day
    0008 Comfort Team for those who lost loved ones Varies
  • Educational Classes

    0009 Check-In Attendants Open hours
    0010 Class Facilitators Open hours
    0011 Financial Biblical Coaches Open hours
    0012 Trainee Supervisor Open hours
    0013 Trainees Open hours
  • Evangelism Arm

    0014 Team Coordinator Open hours
    0015 Coordinator Assistant Open hours
  • In House Media

    0016 Photographer Open hours
    0017 Writer for outreaches Open hours
    0018 Audio / Visual Team Open hours
  • Men’s Ministry

    0019 Team Coordinator Varies
    0020 Coordinator Assistant Varies


    0021 Team Leader Open hours
    0022 CHOIR MEMBERS Open hours

  • Service Team

    0023 Greeters open hours SUN 1 /SUN2 /MON /WED /THU /FRI
    0024 Pastoral Care – Office MON – FRI 10am – 6pm
    0025 Café Attendants MON – FRI 10am – 6pm
    0026 Ushers SUN 1 /SUN2 /WED /THU /FRI
    0027 Food Service First Saturday of each month
    0028 Decorators First Saturday of each month
    0029 Transportation SUN 1 /SUN2 /WED /THU /FRI
    0030 Communion Preparation First Sunday of each month
    0031 Communion Clean-Up First Sunday of each month
    0032 Communion Distribution Team First Sunday of each month
    0033 Wheel Chair Assistance SUN 1 /SUN2 /WED /THU /FRI
    0034 Information Center MON – SUN 10am – 7pm
    0035 Front Office Receptionist MON – SUN 9am – 7pm
    0036 Water Baptism Dressing Room Assistant Varies
    0037 Feet Wash Assistant Team One day in June and December
  • Resources

    0038 Office Management Team Leader MON – SUN during service hours
    0039 Office Management Assistant MON – SUN during service hours
  • In House Media

    0040 Photographer Service hours
    0041 Writer for outreaches Service hours
    0042 Audio / Visual Team Service hours
  • Security Team

    0043 Team Leader MON – SUN during service hours
    0044 Team Leader Assistant MON – SUN during service hours
  • Women’s Ministry

    0045 Team Leader Varies
    0046 Team Leader Assistant Varies
  • Youth Ministry

    0047 Team Leader Varies
    0048 Team Leader Assistant Varies
  • Events Team

    0049 Team Leader During Event period
    0050 Team Coordinators During Event period